Volunteer Opportunities

Ways You Can Help


We are looking for people like you to get involved with our ministry. There are a number of ways you can assist, some are listed below

Street Outreach

To become a part of the Street Outreach you will need to complete a volunteer application, go through a panel interview, and attend a mandatory training.  Street Outreach teams go to Long Beach, Compton, and Los Angeles areas.  Providing resources and prayer to the ladies/girls/men/boys on the streets.

Community Outreach – Our Voice Campaign – Youth Rally

To become a part of the Community Outreach all participants adults and youth must take a mandatory workshop about Human Trafficking provided by Gems Uncovered.  Workshops will be given prior to each Youth Rally.  Rally dates will be shown on the website under events.

As the Sergeant of the Vice/Human Trafficking Investigations Unit for the past five years, I have become all too familiar with the horrors of human trafficking. The most effective way to prevent this is education and awareness.  Events, such as "Our Voice" rallies, help raise awareness and educate the community and youth about the dangers of human trafficking.  With education comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes power—power to decide not to be a victim.  This is the most effective path to putting an end to human trafficking.


Long Beach Police Department - Vice Unit

Prayer Warriors

To pray for the team every Friday night and for the prayer requests received.

 Youth Rally Leader

To lead Youth in the "Our Voice"  Campaign, you will be required to complete a volunteer application, go through a interview panel, and attend a mandatory training.

1136 E. Pacific Coast Hwy

Long Beach, CA 90806

(562) 912-4992

Drop in Center

1140 East Pacific Coast Hwy.

Long Beach CA 90806