When the trafficker has gained a woman or child’s trust and love, he or she starts the “grooming” process. Traffickers worldwide practice this breaking-down process to achieve complete control over someone through a combination of physical, mental, and emotional means.


This process includes beatings, gang rape, confinement, torture, emotional abuse and insults, renaming and creating new identities, document confiscation, burning personal items, forced sexual education and pornography, and isolation. - See more at:


How do traffickers or pimps recruit victims?


Many pimps often use a “lover-boy” technique to recruit girls from middle and high schools.

A lover-boy will present himself as a boyfriend and woo the girl with gifts, promises of fulfilled dreams, protection, adventure – whatever she perceives she is lacking. Traffickers use social media sites to recruit teenagers. After securing her love and loyalty, he will force her into prostitution.



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